The task

Set the scene for tech appeal

In contrast to conventional product films highlighting only the new design of a car, our client wanted to create car portrayals with an authentic, perceptible character. Our task: explaining the technical features, putting the car in focus but never ignoring the emotional level. Those were the criteria we had to meet. But at the same time, those were also the challenges of the new format.

The idea

Letting the viewers experience the cars

The new product films should have a recognition value in terms of content and visual presentation in order to fulfill the characteristics of a series production. That was the task we had set ourselves. So it was pretty quickly obvious that we needed a host, a host who not only had a high affinity with and passion for the topic, but who also combined sympathy and recognition value. That was why Ben Constanduros was our first choice, who in the past had been successfully cooperating with Audi in various productions.

In our product films, Ben not only explains the particular car and its features, but also tests them in a day-to-day setting. This gives viewers the opportunity to experience the car in everyday use – even if only on-screen. In doing so, our focus is on capturing the authentic characteristics of the cars and presenting them accordingly.

The realisation

Perfectly staged, but nevertheless authentic

Good planning is key. In our preliminary considerations we paid careful attention to the selection of settings suitable for the individual cars and their features and to the planning of specific routes. Thus, we were able to make every day of our production highly efficient. Our focus was not only on a perfect portrayal of our car models but also on emphasizing their characteristic features by means of appropriate settings and specific actions. Up to 20 cameras filmed the cars – in and around them, even in the air –and provided us with the best options for showing the cars from every angle imaginable and portraying them in pure perfection.

The result

Perfect assistance for purchase decisions

The product films – currently highlighting the Audi A4 Avant, the Audi Q7 and the Audi Q2 – can be seen on Audi’s respective configuration website as well as on Facebook and YouTube.

We are glad to have created a new format in cooperation with Audi. A format that sets the highest standards not only in terms of visual presentation but that is at the same time close to customers and their individual needs. This series can therefore provide a perfect assistance in the customers’ configuration of their dream cars.