The task

100 percent viral

Everybody knows the problem: on holidays, we normally want to relax but we end up – often in vain, though – looking for a free Wi-Fi connection to stay in touch with the outside world. This can actually become quite stressful….

In order to end this dilemma and ensure a carefree holiday for their customers, Deutsche Telekom AG has introduced the “Travel & Surf“ package. This tariff – available in over 100 countries – was promoted through a very special online campaign. In several episodes, the story of the “Wi-Fi quest” was told in a humorous fashion, aiming at a viral distribution.

The idea

Humorous search for a Wi-Fi connection

Jose does not need a business plan. Jose is an out-and-out businessman who knows: everyone needs Wi-Fi and everyone loves dogs. So, with the help of his assistant, he trains numerous “Wi-Fi dogs” in order to give holidaymakers what they want: free Wi-Fi.

This mockumentary portrays the quest for a Wi-Fi connection from different points of view and in an exaggerated, extremely funny manner. Sometimes the dogs cannot find a connection or they just go off on their own. But the two selfmade-businessmen keep their cool. They firmly believe in their idea.

The realisation

An international formula for success

What looks like great fun was in fact really hard work on all fronts. In cooperation with DDB Spain, a variety of clips were produced – seamlessly fitting into the campaign. All the episodes were shot in the vicinity of Barcelona with the help of an international production team – including ourselves. Randy Krallman, director of the team, succeeded in creating an authentically amiable narrative style making this campaign truly special.

The result

Over two million views and award-winning

The concept was a success. The feature film alone has been viewed 1.5 million times via the clients’ social media channels. In addition, there were the viewers of the episodes.

But it was not only our client that was delighted about the successful number of clicks. We ourselves as well, as the production company, had every reason to be overjoyed. Our campaign won three prizes at three outstanding film awards: the LIA-Award in bronze for production and post-production, the Cannes Cyber Lion in bronze and the golden Eurobest Trophy.